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Geometry Dash APK


Version: v2.111 for Android | Size: 74.83MB

Who didn’t want to spend his spare time in some enjoyment and with the new creative things through which he can change his mind and feel relaxed? So I often spent my spare time playing games that never bore me.

Geometry Dash APK is an arcade game with a musical rhythmic platform developed by the RobTop Games. “Get your fingers ready to tap, slide, and groove in perfect rhythm as you play this addictive rhythmic masterpiece!” It has a lot of game levels to play, and every level is damn interesting at its place.

Each level has a hidden coin that unlocks its new level, and the game based on musical rhythms that add more fun to the game. Here I will introduce you to numerous features and boredom-free games that will never disappoint you.

About the Geometry Dash Apk Game

It is a mind and skill-testing game. The user never thought before downloading this game that it can difficult, but it can be difficult at some advanced levels. The scenario is that obstacles placed around the corner, and you must take every step carefully.

This game is helpful to overcome the fear of your mind and make you stronger. These skills are also helpful in your practical life. The important key feature is that the obstacles appear when you arrive. You have to jump and fly to get rid of those hurdles.

Geometry Dash APK

This game has many obstacles and jumps, so you must play safely. It has barriers around its areas from every moment you step forward in your game. The poor character saves himself from not being hit by any obstacles placed in the way. So he has to jump over various hurdles. 

When the character wins the level, he gets unlimited money by which he can get more items and unlock some new features.

Geometry Dash Mod APK

You don’t need to sit on the fence because the Mod version of this game is fascinating and famous because of its uniqueness, which is that you don’t need money to play the game. The plus point of this game is that it has all the unlock features, and you get unlimited money for free to unlock the other features.

 When the features are unlocked, you don’t have to wait to start with the new levels with the new things. You can access the newly unlocked levels and things for play without using your single penny. So, this version is full of enjoyment for the users.

How to Download the Geometry Dash APK  V2.111 Free on Android?

To download the latest version of geometry dash Apk on Android, you need to follow these steps:

  • Click on the download button below the information table of the game and then wait for the download.
  • When the downloading is complete, you should enable an unknown source from the setting. 
  • Then installation starts.
  • Now the game is downloaded, start playing your game.

What’s New

  • Bug Resolved.
  • User-Friendly Interface.
  • Speed Boosted

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Aug 21, 2023

Different Modes in Geometry Dash APK

Geometry Dash has multiple modes, trial, moderate, normal, hard, Amateur, etc. These modes set up within different categories players can play according to their gaming level without causing any disturbance.

Is There Any Age Limitation in this Game? 

There is no such age limitation in this game because this game is too interesting to play for anyone of any age group. So it has no harmful effects on anyone. Just enjoy your game to overcome your boredom.

Does it Have Ads or Not?

Yes, it has ads while playing the game. You can remove these ads by buying an app purchase and enjoying your game without facing the annoying ads. The other way is to download the mod version of the game. Through this, ads not shown while playing.

Requirements For Geometry Dash APK

You have to fulfill these requirements for the app mentioned below:

  • Processor: 2.0+ GHz
  •  Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 support
  •  Storage: 100 MB available space

Features of Geometry Dash APK

Now time to spill the beans that it has many features, which I discussed below one by one. The features that I have been going to describe to you are the best ones in the game.

Smooth Gameplay

Smooth Gameplay

This game has exciting and smooth gameplay with a character who jumps and flies above the hurdles. You have to play carefully to reach the end of the level and win the reward. Until that, this is an exciting feature.

Attractive Graphics

Attractive Graphics

It has 2D graphics that give it such an animated look that can’t be distinguish from the original and the graphical one. The users are stunned by the graphics, just like they are physically playing the game.

Once in a while, it looks like a movie scene, not a game to play. They give an eye-catching look to the game.

Cross The Obstacles

One Important thing in the game you keep in mind is that you need to secure yourself from obstacles. A player should cross the obstacles on the top of the ceiling and the floor. You have to protect yourself from these obstacles that may hit you.

And, of course, you can reach your destination and win the game without being hit by these obstacles.

Countless Levels

Geometry Dash APK is an arcade game with countless levels full of enjoyment and new adventures in the game. The same is the case of the game, with endless levels that make the game more adventurous and do not make the player bored. It has so many levels to play, so play more and more to proceed in the game. Each level is different from the previous, and you will get a new situation to face.

 Various Gaming Modes

The best thing about this game is the modes that make this easier. If someone doesn’t know about that game, switch to the practice mode to get some knowledge about the game.

If someone finds levels hard, then they can choose easy mode. In that way, every player, whether a beginner, can also enjoy the game with the help of its modes.

 Win Rewards

You can get huge rewards by winning the challenges or levels in the game. By winning each game, you get a lot of rewards, through which you can buy more items when further proceeding in the game. It’s not a complex game infact easy to play and won many rewards as you will.

Addictive Game

This game develops addiction in the players. The player has been addicted to this game because of its new levels that never end, find new things when proceeding in the game. Everyone playing the game has an addiction that never stops him from playing.

 Compelling Soundtrack

In multiple games, you play games with the background music of own choice. But the characteristic of the Geometry Dash mod is that you have to play the game with the soundtrack provided by the game.

Music provides hints about what to do in different situations of the game—the soundtrack is a guide for the player. So listen to the music carefully to win the game. Get rid of your boredom Geometry Dash is as right as rain.

Features of Geometry Dash Mod APK

Some features of the MOD are discussed below in detail:

 Practice Mode

Due to the practice mode, it is a piece of cake for a new player who does not know about the game or how to play it. They can easily understand the game by playing it in practice mode. Kids, young people of any age can switch to the practice mode for learning it.

 Free to Download

This is free to download. You guys have fun with this game. You can easily download it via the download button from this website or via the Play-store for free.

 Creation of Own Level

You can create own level and share it online with your friends. And get more adventure from this game. Due to features, this game is once in a blue moon.

 Unlock all Levels

As we know,  all games have a sequence, finish level 1. Then you proceed to the next one. In this game, to unlock the new levels, you must pass through the current level, which you are playing, and face time-consuming challenges. 

But in the mod version, no need to wait for too long. You can say that again, the levels are already unlocked, and you can choose the level you want to play. Now you have an unlocked game for play without consuming your time on the other levels.

 Unlocked | Money

In the apk game, you have to play the game and then get money to unlock the other features and buy new things. But in the mod, you have the unlocked money with unlimited conditions for free. In the Mod version, no need to play any of the levels to unlock the next level and no need to earn money to unlock the new features. So enjoy the geometry dash mod apk because this money will never end.

 Unlimited Everything

In the mod version, you get unlimited things, money, levels, rewards, customizations, and everything. Players get access to all features without any restrictions. This game never makes you bored and explore new things.


At different levels, you get different features and characters that you unlock by playing the game. You have customization features by which you can use colors and icons of your choice and customize them to look good.

You can try SubZero with more features


  • Replay the game as many times as you want to play.
  • Self-customization by your own choice.
  • The mind-refreshing audio soundtrack gives hints about the level.
  • Easy to learn, but a bit challenging to be its master.
  • Simple controls to handle the game.
  • Players can make their levels and can also share with their friends.
  • Smooth and mobile-friendly gameplay.


  • Sometimes, it may be frustrating and can be challenging levels.
  • Excessive playing can affect your mental health.
  • Some levels are repetitive.
  • This game has a difficult level that takes a long time to finish.  
  • You can be addicted to this game after playing it for a long time.

User Reviews

Anjump Ali

Anjump Ali

Geometry Dash APK is cool game, and the levels are easy. I’ve finished them, but it took a few tries, I still thought I had fun, and it was worth it in end. I like how you made Geometry Dash free, for people who can’t afford the original version, that was nice of you! This game is almost the perfect game in my opinion, and found no problems.

Joseph Oliver

Geometry Dash is an amazing game. The songs and jumps match up. The levels are hard enough to be so addicting. I love everything about it. I played this game all the way back in 4th Grade, and always enjoyed it. I personally never found it frustrating.

Aimee Ullman

When I first played, there was no lag and not a lot of ads. Now that I have been playing for 1 month now, the game is so laggy and now I get ads every 3-5 attempts. The experience is still good, but not as good as it used to be. Once in a while I don’t tap for a jump, it just jumps automatically.

Michaela oren

Absolutely obsessed! I love the graphics, the music, the simplicity of the premise, everything. I especially love the way the jumps sync with the beat. One area of improvement would be the practice mod. There’s nothing I can say about this game, the designs are good as is the music. It’s absolutely impressive for small size game like this. It makes me feel happy.

Geo-Dash APK For PC

Although, this game is for the android users but it doesn’t meant you can’t play it on PC. You can enjoy this game on your full display and make the fun double. But before downloading this game, you have to download android emulator then you can have fun with this game. Here’s the complete guide to installing it on your Windows or MAC PC.

People Also Ask

Yes, you can let your kids play the game because not harmful to their health. Instead, it sharpens your kid’s mental level and enhances their skills. Due to the hand-eye coordination and depth perception of the mind, recommended for kids of 4 years old or above.

Yes, it also works offline. You can play offline with the apk mod version and enjoy this game any time, with no internet.

Girls can also play, but majority players in the game are males. Anyways, if you are interested in the game, you cannot think about if you are a girl or a boy.

You can unlock all the icons with the geometry dash mod apk version, in which you get all the unlocked money and everything unlocked.

The hard level is Acheron by Ryamu.


In conclusion, this game is very unique and easy to play. Players enjoy this game due to its musical platform, which gives it a new touch. There are no hard and fast rules for this game. You only need to take care of your character from the hurdles and listen to the music carefully, which gives you a hint. So what are you waiting for? Try this game. Geometry Dash apk is the best thing since sliced bread. Download this game from our website by the download button and share it with your friends.